The campaign consisted of print ads along with digital ads on each paper’s website. A variety of additional advertising included vehicles wraps, outdoor billboards, window clings and posters.

Phase I consisted of telling the story of employees and how they are active in the local community — many in ways that even their co-workers were not aware. Many are involved in projects that help the under-served: some that provided food and shelter, some foster parents, some in animal welfare and some in prison ministries.

As the story of these employees came out, just how intertwined with the community Halifax papers are became clear. Readers and advertisers see how much the newspaper is involved in their daily lives. Not just in providing news and entertainment, but also in activities that keep the community functioning every day.

Many of the newspapers have been bought by Halifax within the last two years, so it is important to stress that the people who provide the news are still a part of the community — just as the paper has been for many years.

Phase II of the campaign and the headline shifted to “Nobody delivers like [newspaper name].” to reflect the point of view of the narrative now being from the community leader featured. Local community leaders shared their story of how the newspaper helps their organizations and just what it means to them personally.

Some of the groups featured in Phase II include Chambers of Commerce, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, orchestras, environmentalists, road race directors and community organizers.

The people featured gave some details of how the local paper partners with them, the exposure and benefit they receive from that partnership, and also include a paragraph of how they personally enjoy the newspaper.

Phase III of the campaign takes one of two options with the headlines “Nobody delivers [town name] like [newspaper name].” or “Nobody delivers [news, sports, local living, etc.] like we do.”

Using photography of local events, high school games, festivals, etc. we tie the newspaper to the daily local life of the community. All reinforced with the catch line at the end of the text "It's just one more way were connected to our community".


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